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Smart Logistics expands business in the Americas with new branches in Guatemala and Uruguay

Smart Logistics continues to increase its presence in the Americas through its international brand Alonso Forwarding. The latest example is the launches in the Latin American countries of Guatemala and Uruguay with offices in the capitals of both countries, Guatemala City and Montevideo. These branches reinforce the logistics coverage to and from America with the rest of the world.

On the one hand, Alonso Forwarding Guatemala works with all types of productive sectors and industries, with special attention to services such as refrigerated or temperature controlled cargo, IMO merchandise and Project Cargo. One of the great assets of the new branch is its privileged location as a regional logistics hub, with direct access to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In addition, the country has an extensive road network that makes it a point of excellent connections between Central America, Mexico and the United States.

On the other hand, Alonso Logisictics Uruguay markets comprehensive and competitive international logistics services such as maritime, air and land transport; multimodal operations; crosstrade or foreign trade advice. The branch works with shipping agencies, consolidators, airlines, bonded warehouses, free zones and insurance companies.

Both teams are composed of professionals with extensive knowledge in the logistics sector and international trade. The experience and dedication of Silvana Morales (Managing Director of Alonso Forwarding Guatemala) and Luis Gustavo Jarrín Torres (Managing Director of Alonso Forwarding Uruguay) are fundamental pillars for the success of these new openings.

Expansion and international leadership

The branches, created under the Alonso Forwarding brand, are present in the world’s main production, distribution and consumption centres. A brand synonymous with solidity, efficiency and competitiveness which, according to the prestigious international ranking carried out by the specialised logistics publication “Transport Topics”, is ranked 35th in terms of the most important international forwarding companies.

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The new corporate image of Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics has started the new year with an important change in its corporate image. A transformation that is already being applied to its website and other digital media, such as Linkedin, the professional network by excellence. This renewal will also be reflected in all of the logistics operator’s promotional material and merchandising (notebooks, pens, bags, etc.) over the coming months. 

A commitment to a more elegant, avant-garde and global brand with a new logo and corporate colours dominated by forest green and black, synonymous of elegance and seriousness.

Smart solutions to limitless ideas

The development is part of Smart Logistics’ ongoing efforts to drive growth and consolidate its position as a national and international market leader. Especially in the case of industries as important as perishables, project cargo and general merchandise. In addition, this launch coincides with the implementation of its new claim, which will be used by the brand: Smart solutions to limitless ideas.

From now on, more sustainable images will be used in different media to highlight Smart Logistics’ commitment and awareness of the environment, which is fully committed to the future of the planet. These values are directly related to the philosophy of a company that looks to the future with enthusiasm and hope.

More than 200 agents worldwide

Smart Logistics, an integrated logistics operator, is part of three large distribution networks that offer global coverage. It also works with more than 200 agents to ensure that its goods transport services reach any part of the world safely and efficiently.

As a freight forwarder with more than seventy years of experience and a large team of highly qualified professionals, the daily mission is to offer global logistics solutions with a totally personalised and unequalled service.

Among its corporate values, commitment to work; effort; passion; human and professional quality; versatility, for its ability to adapt to new challenges, open up to new markets and promote development as well as dynamism. To excel and strive for excellence must always be on the roadmap.  Smart solutions to limitless ideas!

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Shipment of industrial robots to Buenos Aires

Shipment of industrial robots to Buenos Aires.

At Smart we have consolidated our project cargo and the shipment of industrial goods, like machinery and robots for the automotive industry and robotic automation. Automotive industry is one of the most important worldwide and therefore logistic operations are crucial for their development and functioning. Countries such as Germany or Japan have advanced assembly lines for the automotive industry. These processes are fully automated by cutting-edge complex robotics technology of current engineering. (Take a look to more projects like this)

Industrial goods shipment

Thus, leading companies from this industry rely on the Smart Logistics Group the shipment of their high-tech machinery and robotics. Smart ensures the highest levels of quality and maximum safety on the projects we move. In this case, we have worked for KUKA-AG, a company well-known worldwide for its intelligent automation solutions mainly in the automotive industry. The main goal was to ship some robotic units from Barcelona, Spain to Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Stay updated to news like this, subscribe!)

KUKA industrial robots by Mixabest (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( via Wikimedia Commons

The shipment consisted in a total of 39 pieces of machinery and industrial robots. 26 six-axis robots KR-210 type, usually used in foundry facilities, assembly operations and forging processes. 13 positioners for payloads KP-3 type, for the handling and loading of industrial components. The shipment of this pieces required a special treatment given the characteristics of the load, packaging and dimensions. Transporting this kind of industrial machinery is always a challenge, as they are technologically complex and delicate shipments that in most of the cases involves special planning and managing logistics much more stringent and detailed monitoring.

Loading process of KUKA robots and positioners.

Smart successfully shipped the pieces with shipping lines ZIM and Hapag Lloyd. In the first shipment we loaded 2 x 40’ HC containers with IMO approved for 8 robots, with a total weight of 26 tons and shipped in the MSC ALICANTE vessel. The second shipment was with Hapag Lloyd, loading the positioners within 5 x 40’ HC containers and the remaining robots in two other 40’ High Cube IMO containers with a total weight of 44 tons. (Top ten: the largest capacity container ships in the world)

Our team in Valencia proves that Smart is more than prepared to meet the challenges of the shipping of industrial goods and machinery. That is why we are the specialists in cargo logistics in Spain and worldwide, offering a personalized service that satisfies our customer’s needs. Request a rate now!


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Smart present at VINEXPO 2017

Smart present at VINEXPO 2017.

Vinexpo Bordeaux is one of the international event’s most prestigious in the wine industry. Vinexpo is the place where international producers, importers and experts gather together to show and see the last and best products of the wine industry. In this 19th edition, visitors could enjoy of a very dynamic event that included an extensive masterclasses program, wine tasting, samplings and talks.


The Smart Logistics Group had the pleasure of attending this great event as one of the wine logistics specialists. In Smart Logistics Group, we know the importance that every bottle of wine means to our clients and that is why we are constantly enforcing our expertise so we can offer the best solutions handling beverages inside the supply chain. We move more than a million bottles per year what makes us experts in the wine industry. (Are you thinking in shipping? Contact us now!)


Spain was the guest of honor this year at Vinexpo Bordeaux and is, undoubtedly, one of the most important wine-producing countries in the world, being the third largest wine exporter and the country with the largest wine growing and production area in the world.


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We have visited the Port of Veracruz in Mexico.

We have visited the Port of Veracruz in Mexico.

In Smart, we are specialists in the trade of goods between Spain and Mexico. For more than 12 years, we have been supporting Mexican and Spanish companies to develop their business opportunities and expand their markets. We know how important is to establish good trade relations and that is why we prepare ourselves constantly to respond and provide the best trade solutions between the two countries.

When it comes to maritime transportation from Spain (Mediterranean) to Mexico (Gulf of Mexico), the major ports of arrival are Veracruz and Altamira. The main transport services are offered by shipping lines MSC, Maersk, ZIM, Hamburg SUD, Hapag Lloyd and CMA CGM. These are direct services with a transit period of 16 or 18 days depending on the route. (Have you ever heard about Incoterms?)

The port of Veracruz is one of the most important ports in Mexico and is the main gate from the Atlantic Ocean to Mexico City and the metropolitan area of the center of the country. SmartLG is constantly sending goods to Veracruz from Spain and is, undoubtedly, one of the most important ports for Smart globally.

In March 2017, members of the team of Business Development in SmartLG, travelled to Mexico to visit the port of Veracruz. The trip had two main goals: one was to visit some of our clients and partners in the southwest region of Mexico, and the other was to know the port of Veracruz and see how the port works.

Veracruz is one of the main ports in Mexico and is the number one in terms of cargo handled annually. The figures of the port of Veracruz have showed a constant growth during the last years. In March of 2017, the port of Veracruz set a new historical record in freight movement, involving more than 2.3 million of tons of cargo handled.

Furthermore, the containers movement has been increasing over the years at the port. During the last 3 years the number of containers has arisen, reaching 965.000 containers by 2016 and over a million of containers expected for 2017. (Do you know which is the biggest vessel in TEU capacity in the world? find out here!)


The Smart team visited the port administration offices where we could see the port expansion project, with new terminals and a new area for logistics operations. The first phase of expansion represents a total investment of more than 28.000 millions of mexican pesos (1.380 millions of euros), with public and private capitals.

Within this first phase, a new terminal with 5 docks are included to handle bulk and liquid bulk cargo. It is expected also two new container terminals with 4 docks of 360 meters long each, with a estimated capacity of 2.5 millions for each terminal.

During the visit, we could also meet their great interest in environmental sustainability programs and according to an APIVER (port administration) staff member “the goal is to achieve a greater harmony with the environment, whereby it is a priority for APIVER to reinforce different programs and actions in support of the environmental care and protection”.

Among these actions prevail the use of recycled oils, the use of ethanol in cleaning-equipment that operate within the port and the use of solar energy for maritime signaling.

After this great visit to one of the most important ports in Mexico, the Smart team visited the offices of different shipping lines and partners to reaffirm its alliances with Smart and their interest in keep developing the best opportunities between Mexico and Spain. (Thinking about shipping? Let us help you!)


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