Smart present at VINEXPO 2017.

Vinexpo Bordeaux is one of the international event’s most prestigious in the wine industry. Vinexpo is the place where international producers, importers and experts gather together to show and see the last and best products of the wine industry. In this 19th edition, visitors could enjoy of a very dynamic event that included an extensive masterclasses program, wine tasting, samplings and talks.


The Smart Logistics Group had the pleasure of attending this great event as one of the wine logistics specialists. In Smart Logistics Group, we know the importance that every bottle of wine means to our clients and that is why we are constantly enforcing our expertise so we can offer the best solutions handling beverages inside the supply chain. We move more than a million bottles per year what makes us experts in the wine industry. (Are you thinking in shipping? Contact us now!)


Spain was the guest of honor this year at Vinexpo Bordeaux and is, undoubtedly, one of the most important wine-producing countries in the world, being the third largest wine exporter and the country with the largest wine growing and production area in the world.


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