The food industry, an economic sector of prime necessity, currently relies on outstanding logistics. The transport, storage and processing of perishable goods are crucial aspects in the day-to-day work of an integrated logistics operator.

The refrigerated division of Smart Logistics, a global forwarder, is an expert in the transport and maintenance of all types of perishable goods. Thanks to the help of new technologies, this division ensures the traceability of goods at all times.

In recent weeks, the company has presented its services at two of the most important international trade fairs in the food sector: Anuga and Fruit Attraction. Events that have brought together experts and professionals from the food industry and cold logistics.

Key events for the global market

These trade fairs are two of the most important events in the global food and agriculture industry calendar. Anuga is held in the German city of Cologne, Germany, and is considered the world’s largest trade fair for the food and beverage industry. Fruit Attraction, on the other hand, is held in Madrid and focuses specifically on the fruit and vegetable sector. Both events attract a diverse audience that includes producers, distributors, importers, exporters and industry professionals, making them ideal platforms for showcasing innovations and developments in the industry.

Smart Logistics‘ participation has been a strategic step in consolidating its position in the international market. On this occasion, the company has highlighted its expertise in cold chain solutions for transport, which is of utmost importance in the handling of perishable products. From temperature tracking and monitoring systems to specific storage and transport solutions. It all adds up to the best logistics offer for this industry.

Commitment to refrigerated transport

As an integrated logistics operator, Smart Logistics handles all types of temperature-controlled transport. The company offers key services that guarantee high quality in the refrigerated sector, such as:

  • Cold Treatment: an innovative real-time temperature control system that guarantees the integrity of the cargo at all times.
  • Frozen or refrigerated transport: guarantees the maintenance of the cold chain and perishable products during transport.
  • Qualified professionals: the team of expert workers in cold logistics guarantees constant supervision of the goods.

Smart Logistics is a key logistics partner to guarantee quality and efficiency in the transport of temperature-controlled goods, ensuring absolute traceability in the maintenance of the cold chain.