On 30 November, Smart Logistics is organising, in collaboration with the Mexican Consulate and the Port of Barcelona, a conference on exports and imports between Mexico and Spain. A great opportunity to promote and strengthen trade ties between the two countries by exploring innovative strategies for the exchange of goods.

In a global context of growing economic interdependence, it is essential to understand the challenges and opportunities offered by bilateral trade. Mexico and Spain have a solid relationship, but this event aims to strengthen it even further. Valuable information and practical tools for entrepreneurs, exporters, importers and professionals in the logistics sector. In addition, during the course of the training, success stories of Spanish companies with a strong presence in the country will be discussed.

Mexico, increasingly influential

Mexico is currently one of the most promising economies on the American continent and has a logistics sector that is constantly evolving. The country has implemented significant measures such as the use of advanced technologies and the development of projects to boost logistics.

In addition, the offshoring and reshoring of manufacturing is having a significant impact on the country’s trade. This strategy not only seeks to reduce logistics costs, but also to mitigate risks related to supply chain disruptions.

It is also one of the main beneficiaries of this change, especially due to the poor trade relations between China and the United States. In this scenario, Mexico emerges as an attractive destination thanks to its geographical proximity to the US market and its well-established manufacturing infrastructure. This trend is generating a greater demand for productive capacity in the Latin American country.

Smart Logistics, an efficient logistics partner

Smart Logistics, an international logistics operator, has strengthened its relations with the American continent, especially with Mexico, streamlining imports and exports with efficient logistics solutions. Its innovative approach has optimised supply chains, allowing greater agility in the transport of goods, reducing waiting times and improving distribution in both countries.

Spain is currently the second largest investor in Mexico both in terms of volume (80,651 million dollars according to the Mexican Ministry of Economy) and in terms of the number of Spanish companies present in the country (around 7,000).