CERTIFICATION: “Good Distribution Practices” for Pharmaceutical Products.

The supply chain in the pharmaceutic industry requires rigorous monitoring under strictly controlled conditions for the delivery and distribution ensuring the correct handling of this kind of products. These controls are measured under quality rules and standards which certificate the good distribution practices guaranteeing the commitment of organizations and companies offering  transport and distribution services. That is why it is important companies within the logistics, transport or cargo sector to be endorsed by these kind of certifications proving the right training, risk assessments or security systems to carry out distribution services according to current norms and regulations.

The expertise and commitment of companies such as the Smart Logistics Group has allowed them to receive the GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certification that guarantee the correct handle and distribution of pharmaceutical products for the international maritime transit. The Smart Logistics Group once again demonstrates that is more than prepared to transport any kind of products, including pharmaceutical with the highest international quality and security standards. This gives Smart a privileged position compared to the competition making them stand as a leader on the logistics and cargo sector for its professionalism and preparation.