The Steel Treatment Plant from Madrid to Mexico.

The beginning of 2017 has been a good start for the entire SMART team, as we were selected to move a steel treatment plant from Madrid, Spain to Veracruz, Mexico. (See other successful projects here)

For this project, we moved 4 huge pieces on a break bulk service and 25 40’ Open Top containers (20 IG and 5 OOG).

After our planning and pricing team did an in-depth analysis, comparing different modes of transport, it was decided to move the break-bulk cargo through the Port of  Bilbao and the Open Top containers via Port of Valencia. (Meet the team here)

The biggest pieces were 4 “machine beds” or platforms for cutting and folding steel bars. with 17,5 mts length, 2,6 mts width and 2,2 mts height.

In order to move the shipment from Madrid to Bilbao, the project required special transport vehicles, clearances and escorting at all times. Upon arrival in Bilbao, the pieces were carefully packaged and secured on vessel to prevent any damage caused by maritime transport and weather conditions.


The 40′ Open Top required a strong coordination between the operations team and  the shipping lines to keep bookings of equipment and ensure vessels’ space availability. On the first shipment 10 OTIG and 2 OOG containers departed whilst other 10 OTIG and 3 OOG containers departed on the second shipment. (Do you know which are the top ten largest capacity container ships of the world? Find out here!)


The break-bulk shipment arrived at the Port of Veracruz from Bilbao after 22 days without any delays or any type of damage. The shipment was unloaded at the port and delivered to the warehouse in Veracruz, where some photos were taken for the client.

Some days later, the second shipment arrived, which meant that the Smart team delivered this project 7 days earlier than the date indicated by the client on the original application.

This type of projects requires of a strong expertise and excellent customer relationships and freight forwarders such as Smart have the capacity to address this kind of challenges. The Smart Logistics Group is always willing to help their clients grow their business, there is nothing Smart enjoys more than a successful project and a happy customer. (Would you like to request more information? go here)

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