Smart Logistics, an integrated logistics operator, participated in the 29th edition of Gulfood, the world’s largest food fair held in Dubai. This event hosted more than 5,500 exhibitors from all over the world with a representation of more than 190 countries. Driving creativity and change, this fair unites food-related companies on a global level and acts as a springboard for industry trends and a global sourcing powerhouse.

Its extensive programme of meetings, Gulfood Connexions, allows participants to keep abreast of trends in the market. In this context, Smart Logistics had the opportunity to showcase its international network of logistics services for the food and beverage sector. The company highlighted its global presence, underlining its ability to provide comprehensive logistics solutions in different parts of the world.

A constantly evolving market

The food industry is a sector that spans from agricultural production to the consumer’s culinary experience. It is a key driver of the global economy, creating jobs, driving innovation and responding to changing customer preferences. Gulfood 2024 has highlighted the importance of this sector, showing how it not only meets basic needs, but also influences culture, sustainability and global health.

This diverse and dynamic environment involves farmers, producers, distributors, retailers and consumers in an interconnected network. Adaptability and responsiveness to emerging trends are essential in an industry that is constantly evolving to meet quality standards and changing consumer expectations.

Top quality in the transport of perishable goods

The distribution of food, from its origin to its final destination, represents a logistical challenge that requires precision and care. The cold division of Smart Logistics, a forwarder with global reach, is an expert in the transport of all types of perishable products. Thanks to the help of new technologies, key services such as cold treatment and qualified professionals, this division ensures the traceability of goods at all times.

The company’s participation in Gulfood has been a strategic step to consolidate its position in the international market, as well as to learn about and explore the latest trends and applications in the perishable products sector.