Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro-Ro) transport has revolutionised cargo logistics, providing an efficient and safe method for handling various types of large-volume goods. This system is characterised by the ability to load and unload roll-on/roll-off goods directly onto the ship, which optimises transport times and reduces transport costs.

Smart Logistics, an integrated logistics operator, specialises in offering advanced solutions in this field, maximising the efficiency, safety and profitability of maritime transport.

What is Ro-Ro transport?

Ro-Ro transport refers to the practice of loading and unloading rolling goods (such as trailers, heavy machinery and other wheeled equipment) directly onto a specialised vessel -car carrier or ‘ro-ro ships’-. In order to carry out these functions, there are usually ramps built into the ship or fixed on land that will allow the goods to be loaded (Roll On) and unloaded (Roll Off) from the port. This method eliminates the need for cranes and heavy loading equipment, allowing for a faster and more efficient operation.

Ro-Ro transport offers numerous benefits that make it attractive for various industrial sectors:

  • Time efficiency: the ability to roll cargoes directly on and off the ship significantly reduces loading and unloading times.
  • Cost reduction: by not requiring specialised loading equipment and cranes, the final cost of operating resources and labour is reduced.
  • Safety: minimises the risk of cargo damage, as items are handled in a more direct and controlled manner.
  • Flexibility: suitable for a wide range of rolling loads, from trailers and heavy machinery to cars, trucks and specialised equipment.

An innovative and efficient company

Smart Logistics has adapted its services to the advantages of Ro-Ro transport, positioning itself as a company specialising in efficient logistics solutions. With a modern and highly qualified fleet, Smart Logistics guarantees the safe and punctual transport of various types of rolling goods to the nearest ports.

In addition, the operator offers a variety of services tailored to the needs of its customers:

  • International transport: global connections that ensure on-time delivery anywhere in the world.
  • Customised solutions: tailoring its services to customer specifications, including the transport of specialised machinery and large equipment.
  • Advanced technology: use of state-of-the-art tracking and management systems to monitor cargo status in real time.

The company has successfully managed complex Ro-Ro transport projects, excelling in sectors such as heavy industry. In its latest job, the company has coordinated the delivery of heavy machinery, transported in a truck adapted for large sizes and weights, to the port of Barcelona in the direction of the Middle East. A great example of its efficiency and reliability in international logistics.